A downloadable 3D Puzzler for Windows, Linux, and Android

Will You solve these 38 free puzzles ?
There are 500€ waiting for the best solutions !

Trinagon offers an as yet undiscovered world of permutations and new logical challenges.

The "totally free edition" is an entry into Trinagon and at the same time a challenge / competition. 

Sharpen your mind and even win real prizes.

Trinagon promotes logical combinatorial thinking and builds a logical intuition and a natural understanding for 2 & 3-dimensional symmetries.

* Trinagon belongs to the same group as e.g. the Rubik’s Cube,
  but with the simplest to highly complex puzzles.
* The gameplay is simple & easy to learn
* A small tutorial / introduction will help you get started
* The 38 puzzles in this issue want to be solved to win the "NoFool's Day Challenge" by April 1st, 2010
* “Free for real!”
No advertising. No tracking.
Free thinking!
Enjoy it !

Install instructions

Android :  From the download folder, open the apk file, and follow instructions.
Windows : Unzip to your favourite folder and play.
Linux : You know what to do.


TrinagonFree64.zip 29 MB
TrinagonFree.tar.gz 29 MB
T22Free.apk 36 MB

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